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Om Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Vari Devasthanam, Arasavalli, Srikakulam.

Famous Sun God Temple

The Ancient Hindu Temple of Sun God  - “Lord Suryanaryana Swamy Temple” located at Arasavalli in Srikakulam Town, Andhra Pradesh, India. This is one of unique and most visited Pilgrimage Temples in India. The Original name is Harshavalli which means Abode of Joy.

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Srimukhalingam lies on the banks of Vamsadhara River in Srikakulam District and is 48 KM north of Srikakulam town. It was erstwhile capital of Ganga Kings. Major point of attraction here is the Sri Mukhalingeswara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Aniyanka Bhimeswara and Someswara temples built in the Orissa Style of Architecture.

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Srikurmam is a unique famous temple in the world situated at a distance of about 18 kms to the southeast of Srikakulam town. The village Srikurmam derive of its name from the temple, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the Avathara of Srikurmam viz., the Avathara of a tortoise, and hence the deity is called Srikurmanatha. The temple is of very great sanctity, being the only important temple to Lord Vishnu in the Kurmavathara in the whole of India. Lord Sri Kurmanatha Swamy Temple located on the way of Arasavalli Sun God Temple in Srikakulam.

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Kalingapatnam Beach is situated 30 kms from Srikakulam. This scenic spot was an ancient sea port and European merchants resided here during the regime of the East India Company. Places of interest include a light house and a Buddhist stupa. Accommodation is available at the guest House .



Telineelapuram and Telukunchi are well known bird sanctuaries. Telineelapuram is located 65 Kms from Srikakulam and 7 Kms from Tekkali while Telukunchi is at a distance of 115 Kms from Srikakulam in Ichchapuram mandal. Painted storks and pelicans from Siberia migrate to these sanctuaries every year to nest and breed. Naturally, the place is a favorite of avid bird watchers.



This village shot into prominence because excavations revealed the existence of an ancient Buddhist settlement. Situated 18 Kms from Srikakulam on the banks of the river Vamsadhara, a maha stupa, votive stupas, chaityas, platforms and viharas have been unearthed here with inscriptions dating back to the 2nd century A.D. The main stupa on a hilltop measures 46 feet in diameter while the maha vihara salipethaka has an entrance in the shape of Swastika. Significantly, this was the place from where the message of Buddhism spread to Sumatra and other Eastern countries.



It is about 5kms from Tekkali. Sri Endala Mallikarjuna Swamy is the deity. On Maha Sivaratri and Kartika Mondays large gathering devotees worship this deity.