how to reach srikakulam

How to Reach Srikakulam


Srikakulam District is the extreme Northeastern District of Andhra Pradesh situated within the Geographic Co-Ordinates of 18?-20’ and 19?- 10’ of Northern latitude and 83?-50’ and 84?-50’ of Eastern longitude.

Srikakulam is a town, Municipality, Head quarters of Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India. You can reach Srikakulam by buses, trains or planes. Srikakulam is well connected to other parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh and also to the major cities.


By Train Srikakulam By Train


You can easily get Trains to srikakulam from various Cities of the Country. The Railway Station is located 13 kms away from Srikakulam Town. Buses, Taxis, Autos available to reach Srikakulam Town. Location of Railway Station is known as AMADALAVALASA.

You Can Reach to VISAKHAPATNAM (Station Code is VSKP) and you can Travel By Bus or Taxi by Road (Distance from Visakhapatnam to Srikakulam 118 Kms)

Trains from Hyderabad to Srikakulam - Konark Express / East Coast Express / Falaknuma Express / Visakha Express

Trains from Bangalore to Srikakulam - Prasanthi Express / YPR Howrah Express / Guwahati Express

Trains from Chennai to Srikakulam - Guwahati Express / Shalimar Express / Bhubaneswar Express / Howrah Mail

Trains from Howrah to Srikakulam - GHY SC Express / Falaknuma Express / East Coast Express / HWH YPR Express / HWH Mas Mail

By Bus Srikakulam By Bus

There are several buses from different places of the country to reach Srikakulam. APSRTC buses and Private Buses are available to Reach Srikakulam.

By Flight Srikakulam By Flight

Srikakulam does not have any Airport. Nearest Airport is Visakhapatnam.

Distance from Visakhapatnam to Srikakulam Approx 118 Kms.

APSRTC Buses are available frequently from Visakhapatnam to Srikakulam.

By Road Srikakulam By Road

You Can reach to Srikakulam By Road

Distance from Visakhapatnam to Srikakulam - 118 Kms Approx

Distance from Vijayawada to Srikakulam - 454 Kms Approx

Distance from Hyderabad to Srikakulam - 725 Kms Approx

Distance from Chennai to Srikakulam - 910 Kms Approx

Distance from Bangalore to Srikakulam - 1113 Kms Approx





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